Only seven weeks old, this baby died because of a detail that no one would have ever discovered. This cannot happen again!


Newborn babies are so fragile and delicate that it’s our natural instinct to handle them with extreme caution. As parents all we want is to keep our children free from any harm, especially when they are helpless infants. And considering that babies spend around 15 hours a day sleeping, we want to be sure that their crib is safe. When her daughter Grace was born, Esther Roseman from the UK felt all of those concerns and bought a crib that she thought her child would be safe in. But sadly this wasn’t the case.

One day Esther laid Grace down for a nap and when she was sure that her child was fast asleep, she left the room. But when she came back 90 minutes later to check on Grace, she found her lifeless with her head hanging over the lowered side of the crib. At some point during her nap Grace had rolled over and her head had gone over the lower side of the crib. Not yet being able to lift her head, her throat had been caught on the side of the crib and she died of suffocation. She was only seven weeks old.

When forensics specialists determined the cause of death, Esther worried about other families who might have the same crib model. “When it first happened, I had some sympathy for Bednest, assuming it too would be mortified and remorseful. Unfortunately, the company does not appear to believe that the design of the cot caused Grace’s death,” said Esther.

Although not willing to admit any guilt, the company did alter the crib design and also produced a special kit that people could purchase that would modify old models to be safer. Eventually the model that took Grace’s life was taken off the market completely. But Esther is still concerned about second-hand sales that may continue to put other babies at risk.

When it comes to baby products, that means always thoroughly reading the user manuals and instructions very carefully. And it’s also good to listen to other parents like Esther who have suffered the loss of a child due to a tragic accident so we can hopefully help others avoid the same fate.