Poor Cat Who Was Doused In Acid Lost One Eye, But Continues To Love And Trust


Poor Cat Who Was Doused In Acid Lost One Eye, But Continues To Love And Trust
If there was ever a penalty for being friendly – Thomas has paid it in full. Thomas’ full name is Sir

Thomas Trueheart, and he was living life as a stray in California. He got that name because even though he was terribly mistreated – he still loves humans. As a stray, Thomas got acid poured on his head.
He lost one of his eyes. A family that had been giving him food found him and took him to the vet.
After he had tested positive for FIV+, which is basically the cat version of AIDS or feline immunodeficiency virus, the vet said the best thing would be to have Thomas put down.
When the family contacted Milo’s Sanctuary, they felt Thomas deserved better than to be put down.
You see, Milo’s Sanctuary is used to working with cats that have special needs and they didn’t have any trouble helping Thomas.

For four weeks, Thomas was cared for. He was even given a skin graft to help with the burns to his head.
You can see how his coat is fluffy and he is putting on weight.

During his recovery, Thomas was full of appreciation – he purred and gave the people caring for him kisses!
Thankfully, Thomas allowed people to help him. Milo’s Sanctuary makes a promise to every cat they take in.
All the cats are given a foster home but if a forever family is not found, the Lifetime Care Program ensures that the cats will be given a safe and loving environment for life

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