Her Parents Did Horrible Things To Her, But The Worst Is What The Police Caught Them Doing



Will you pray for this little girl?
This 4-year-old girl was found with extremely swollen cheeks, a black eye, marks on her forehead,

dried blood in the corner of her mouth, bruises on her wrists, and much more physical harm. The police were informed of potential child abuse by a neighbor in the community. The neighbor’s daughter had stopped wanting to go over to the other home because of something bad. She wouldn’t say what. And so the neighbor called the police.
Police responded to the call and when they knocked on the door they saw the little girl zip tied to a chair. The boyfriend of the mother admitted to zip tying the girl to the chair for climbing on the furniture. The zip tie was so tight that it dug into her skin. Both adults have been arrested and are being charged with domestic battery, permitting abuse of a minor and endangering welfare of a minor after a staff member at Cooper-Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center told police a 4-year-old girl showed signs of abuse. (KARK-TV).

One of the hardest things to hear was that when the police asked for the little girl’s name she said ‘Idiot.” According to a boy also living in the home, the two adults used idiot instead of the little girl’s name. This stuff makes e physically ill.

It is absolutely disgusting to think that children everywhere go through this type of abuse. It makes me think how blessed I was to have such amazing parents.