Mom’s Dead Son Comes Back To Life After Horrible Crash, Tells Her He Saw Dad And ‘2 Other Kids’ In Heaven.



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In 1997, Julie Kemp was driving home from chapel with her husband Andy and their eight-year-old child Landon when their auto was smashed by an emergency vehicle in a horrifying accident.

Landon’s father was killed instantly, as was Landon — twice. Crisis responders could resuscitate Landon’s vitals for the outing to the hospital after the crash, however they lost him again while in transit to the emergency room.
Doctors at Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina brought him back again and told Julie he would likely not survive, but rather following two weeks in a trance like state, Landon miraculously woke up. Everyone was shocked to discover he had no trace of brain damage.
Julie was elated to have her son back but dreaded having to tell Landon that his father had passed away. She tentatively asked Landon if he knew where his dad was… his response shook her to the core, “I saw him in heaven.” Even more amazingly, he went on to describe Julie’s two other children that she had lost in a miscarriage years before Landon was born. Julie and her husband never told the young boy about them.

This story is simply amazing to hear. Let Landon’s experience give you assurance, though most of us will never experience the other side and come back to tell the tale, hope is certainly not lost.