Man Is Sent Straight To Hell After Beating This Innocent Baby To Death



He was a Michigan father, and now he will be rotting in jail for the rest of his life. He was convicted of the murder of his newborn child. The child was reported missing 5 years ago,

but new evidence is what brought his evil man down. The story of how it happened is horrifying. The man was in the car with his daughter in the back seat. While he was driving he went into an angry rage. He pulled the car over and hit his daughter once. Then he got even more angry and yanked the car seat from the car.

This caused the baby to go flying and die on impact when she hit the ground. According to the judge there wasn’t enough evidence to bring up the man on first degree murder charges, and so he was found guilty of second degree murder. The main peace of evidence was a jailhouse letter that he wrote to his then girlfriend about their child.

In the note, he wrote that he “held her for a long time” and that she was in a “peaceful place.” He didn’t elaborate.
“A peaceful place? Out in the wild, so animals could eat her in the wild?” Assistant Attorney General Donna Pendergast said in court, adding that the letter was a “cover-up.”

I believe that this man should rot in jail. If he would have owned up to what he did I believe he would not have been brought up on such horrible charges. He deserves to rot because he covered up his mistake. He left his dead baby naked and in the woods for an animal to eat.

He is one of the worst people I have ever heard of and He does not deserve his human rights. No amount of anger should ever cause you to hurt your child. No amount of stress should cause you to resent your child. Your child is your responsibility. Should he rot in jail?