This Insane Texas Taco Challenge Isn’t For Everyone! Only 5 People Have Finished It


This is an insane Texas taco challenge that only 5 people have ever successfully finished.

In Corpus Christi, a tex-mex restaurant called Chaco’s Taco, a mom-and-pop restaurant, has an almost 4-pound breakfast taco challenge that may make you shake in your boots! To win, you have to finish the entire plate in 10 minutes.
Mary Gutierrez, Chaco’s Tacos owner, said only 5 people have managed to tackle the challenge in 18 years. It is called the Almighty Chaco Taco, and the tortilla is 14-inches in diameter. It is packed with cheese, beans, eggs, carne guisada, potatoes, and bacon.
If you do manage to eat the whole thing in 10 minutes, you win a T-shirt and get to have your picture posted on the wall for everyone to see. People don’t just visit Chaco’s Tacos for the challenge, earlier this year the Texas Monthly magazine named Chaco’s Tacos the best taco in Texas.

The restraint was featured in the magazine under the “Tacos you must eat before you die” section! Patrons of the restaurant were not surprised by the award. One other item of note on the menu is the “weenie and egg.”

Mary said she was honored to have gotten the call informing her that they were going to be in the magazine. If you are hungry and feel like you can handle the Almighty Chaco Taco, it will cost you $9.99.

Winning the challenge will give you some serious bragging rights with your friends! You can follow
Chacho’s Tacos on Facebook to see if anyone is able to conquer the challenge! Share away, people!