This Is What Happens When You Squat With Butt Implants. YIKES!


Ever since Sir Mix-A-Lot popularized the obsession with big booties they’ve been some weird advances in booty care.

Some of them great for the body, some of them not so great; Instagram sensation Serena Beuford found that out the hard way recently when she pushed her ass to the limit! It didn’t start out that way for her though, in fact it wasn’t until recently that she ran any risk of harm to herself at all.
Serena just wanted the perfect ass; an ass that would stop people in their tracks and be her ticket to internet stardom. She hit the gym, she did squats and walked everywhere she went. Anything that would get her booty into better shape and BIGGER. Eventually she took things a little too far and went for a trip to an unlicensed clinic for the perfect implants.
Thanks to those implants and here strict workout regimen, Serena began to get big, social media-wise as well as booty-wise – sporting a 64″ ass. Her life became easy; people were buying her things, taking her to fancy restaurants and nice dinners, expensive jewelry, she even got a job in a club because of it!
When asked, this is what her sister, Jackie Beuford, had to say about everything:
“She started to become famous on Instagram and even got a job at a club. Guys would look at her differently and buy her expensive stuff just because of her butt.”
That’s when we come to recent events. Serena was at the gym pushing some squats out when she and the gym goers heard a loud POP from out of nowhere, then finally her screams. It seems the job the unlicensed clinic performed was pushed a little past it’s limit and all the liquid from in them began shooting through her body. It’s not yet known what her implants were filled with, hopefully the legal stuff! Here’s the kicker of the whole story; as Serena is lying on the ground, screaming in pain, she’s not screaming for friends or family, she kept screaming, “my ass is gone!”

As of now, Serena is in the hospital in a coma; hopefully one she wakes up from soon. While implants have been around for some time, there’s still outfits that are completely unfit to be performing these procedures – so be careful out there!