This Fact Can Save Your Life: Heart Attack Signs Differ In Women. These 5 Can Help You Stop It Timely


Sue Palmer woke up with severe nausea. She began vomiting, but she put it down to food poisoning and she was going to go to bed. However, her husband insisted to go to the emergency department. As it turned out, he saved her life.

If I had gone to bed that morning as planned, I wouldn’t have woken up,” says the woman.

Sue recalls how she joked and rolled her eyes while sitting in the emergency room. The idea that she might have a heart attack seemed ridiculous: she was feeling quite normal! The first electrocardiogram showed no abnormalities, but the doctors noticed something that caused them to immediately take thewoman to surgery!

When Sue awoke from the anesthesia, she was told that she had a massive heart attack. The attack began just at the time when she arrived at the hospital. Her right coronary artery was blocked by 10%, and the central one by 70%! If the woman had not immediately taken into surgery, she would have died.

Women experiencing a heart attack can have weak symptoms or no symptoms at all!

A heart attack is the leading cause of female mortality. Moreover, nearly two-thirds of women, who suddenly die from a heart attack, have no prognostic symptoms. Everyone knows that a heart attack is pain in the chest or arm, but in most women these symptoms are not as pronounced or not pronounced at all. Therefore, it is important to know the other signs of this dangerous disease.

Pay attention to all unusual symptom in the area from your chin to your belly button!

Doctors say that it is important to pay attention to any unusual symptom in the body from the chin to the navel. It can even be a pain in the back or jaw, or toothache! Please note that a heart attack is manifested not only as pain, but as a discomfort in the chest! Another common symptom is indigestion or stomach problems. Often heart problems are accompanied by nausea, dizziness and vomiting. In addition, fatigue, shortness of breath is one of the major, but just noticeable symptoms of a heart attack.

Call an ambulance; do not hesitate to tell the doctors that you suspect you are having a heart attack, especially if you think that your situation may not be taken seriously. Ask the doctor to give you an electrocardiogram.

Unfortunately, a heart attack can happen even in healthy people. You do not have to be a smoker, eat at McDonalds and be overweight, so listen to the signals your body and be healthy!