Boy Is Attacked By Huge Python As Onlookers Record It (VIDEO)


Nigeria – Tragic news out of Africa as a young boy was savagely attacked by an enormous Python snake.
Ever since the turmoil in the Central African Republic where rebels seized power in 2013, most people there are terrified due to the lawless nature overtaken within the country.

Coupled with the fact that schools and hospitals have been looted by rebels, the order in this country has gone downhill.
Solomon who skipped school to roam the fields, was caught by a huge Python snake. Photographers, who are in the C.A.R. on work visas, decided to film the vicious attack as the little boy screamed in terror begging for help.
With the country heading towards a humanitarian disaster and millions of people fleeing their homes, it is no surprise that this little boy is alone and no one there is available to help.
The camera crew continued to film in horror as the young boy was begging for his life.

When they finally separated Solomon from the Python he had no feeling in either of his legs. They had to be amputated as a result from the attack.